Property Taxes

The city of McKinney is the second largest local taxing entity for a vast majority of our citizens. Collin County sets the appraisal value for all properties within McKinney, and then the City Council has the final say on what our tax rate will be. Many long time McKinney residents are in fear of being taxed out of their homes, or have already fled McKinney in favor of more affordable cities. In order to lower property taxes, we must cut wasteful spending, and utilize our current resources more effectively. I also support Senate Bill 2, which will give the citizens the right to vote on any tax increase above 2.5% of the effective tax rate, making your City Council more accountable to you, the people.


After taxes, the most immediate impact of government felt by the citizens is in their roads. Our east side infrastructure is crumbling, and our west side roads are reaching the end of their service life. Future road development must be capable of withstanding the amount of traffic that comes with our growing population. To relieve congestion and improve safety on U.S. 380, we must confront the issue on 380. Additionally, we must also complete development of Bloomdale and the Outer Loop to further relieve traffic on University.


Our historic downtown is the heart of McKinney’s small town community and local businesses. In the past couple years alone, we have seen countless companies on our square close their doors or relocate outside of McKinney, and this number continues to rise. We need to make downtown businesses sustainable through lowering property taxes and including businesses on the square in our community events.

Strategic Growth

In order to protect McKinney’s future, we need to have a strategy for our economic growth. I propose leveling out the commercial property tax rate to allow for more options within the commercial zoning area. I believe we should also make the city easier to work with for relocating companies and existing businesses.


McKinney residents deserve a City Council that is transparent and accountable. Without full transparency, citizens cannot hold the government accountable. While on City Council I will maintain an open door policy.